My story

When design meets styling…..

Ever since I can remember, I have had a great passion for aesthetics and design.
In time I discovered that these are, just tools that help me put my greatest passion into practice- to imagine something in details and create it.

HI, my name is Lee Bonk, owner of the international fashion jewelry brand "Lee Bonk" for the last 16 years.

In my collections, women find items that are precise to them. They are accurate because I draw my inspiration from my clients. Parts of conversations, cultures and places I have traveled over the years are wove into my jewelry. Which makes each design special and unique in its own.

My creative process begins with you, the client, at the center.
I imagine, create and fulfill for you the jewel, the look, and the feelings that the item can give and make you feel - unforgettable.

The items I design mixes colors, shapes, textures and patterns in a precisely matched way and combine bohemian elements, clean trends and modern classics.
I create all this chic from 14k real gold, pure silver and 14k gold plating inlaid with a wide variety of gemstones and diamonds, while making sure to use advanced technologies.

I believe that beliefs, dreams and personal fulfillment have great importance on happiness.

Over the years of my brand activity I have discovered that there are many women like me, that the right thought, the right jewelry, the right outfit and the expression of personal vision can make them personal empowerment and happiness.

Part of my personal fulfillment is the privilege of helping my clients get to know them self, be precise and connect to their personal vision through precise items that speak them faithfully without words, but with a lot of style.

I invite you to explore with me your personal styling and the items that will make you memorable.

Remember, you deserve to be precise.